I get it! You want to know who you're trusting with your nails!

Well, believe it or not! I'm probably more like you than you think!

Hi, I'm Lynda (surprise! It's not Candy!). I am an award winning nail artist and I run a home salon in Middleton Grange NSW. I love pastel colours, candy and crystals and all things cute. Sailormoon is my favourite anime but I also love the occasional murder documentary.

I create fun and exciting sets of nails to suit your personality. I focus on customer service and only using high quality products.

My motto is quality over quantity.

I offer to you an experience and unique service tailored to your needs and lifestyle whilst maintaining the health of your natural nails.


Quick facts about Manicandie

  • Creating nails using clean, hospital-grade sterilized tools in a Class B&S autoclave.
  • An award winning artist with a whole lot of versatility - show me and I'll give it my best!
  • Over 700+ colours to choose from and even more nail art products you can dream of! I use only industry leading brands.
  • Established as a full-time nail artist from March 2020. The nail journey started part time from 2011.
  • The name comes from a love of nails and candy.

Let's see if we click!

  • Mum of two chaotic young boys, Augie and Frankie and to our fur baby Khaleesi (not even a GOT fan)
  • Can talk under water, a bit of a potty mouth.
  • Loves candy, bubble tea and all things pastel.
  • Self diagnosed with ADHD - too scared to check.
  • Enjoys watching almost anything, but no horror!
  • You can catch me singing whilst I'm in the zone and painting. Expect to hear Ariana, Mariah, Sabrina, Doja and all the bops!
  • Born and raised in South Western Sydney